Fovea helps apps..
go viral personalize content become context aware

Fovea helps your app get the attention it deserves and provide delightful user experiences

Cognitive User Models

Understand your users leveraging the trisection of data points from enterprise data, social networks and the web

Mobile Context Miner

Use our mobile SDK to augment your insights and improve user experience and engagement like never before

Intuitive Insights

Get actionable insights from our beautifully crafted dashboards to get the information you need - no nonsense

Modular APIs

Harness the power of our IP blocks - built over the foundation of years of R&D - any way you want!

Dive right in!

Visit the Fovea Portal or check out the Docs

Portal Docs

Business APIs

Make your business grow and become more relevant to your users using our Business APIs


Celebrate the uniqueness of every user by providing tailor made Content.


Help your users share your app with the people they care about.

Try them out!

Visit the Demos page to play with the APIs

API Demos

Modular Data APIs

Use the IP blocks which power FOVEA under the hood through a collection of powerful and flexible APIs. Cutomizability delivered!

Focused Web Crawler

Use the Web Crawler as a Service to extract information from websites.

Domain Sensitive Sentiments

Use our Sentiment Analysis as a Service to get sentiment ratings on text data.

Data Analytics

Use our Data Analytics as a Service to make sense of and get insights into data.


Use our NLP as a Service for all your text data processing needs- PoS tagging, NER and more!

Taxonomy Generator

Use our Taxonomy Generator as a Service to get classification done on the fly!

Machine Learning

Use ML as a Service to bring in the power of computer intelligence to your products.

About Us

Cogknit Semantics Pvt Ltd.

We are a passionate team of experienced data science geeks and engineers,working on iterations of a simple framework to make life easy for the product development market.

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