Powered by cutting-edge scientific research for more than ten years, we are proud to be India's first AI product lab, augmenting human potential.

We are pushing frontiers in human-machine interaction with our AI agents and products in speech, vision, linguistic and wearable technology.

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Our AI tech is secure, empathetic & inclusive

Cyber Security

Protecting your data with novel Privacy-preserving machine learning algorithms. We value your privacy

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Principally, We believe humans and machine should work together, not replace one another

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Enabling AI right where you need, with our Edge AI systems

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We take cautious effort to bring in diversity in data to remove machine bias.

Started as a garage
company in 2009


Begins the journey of ideas to innovation to products

Fellows at Unreasonable
Institute with a great idea


Applied Machine Learning to Human Learning

Unreasonable Institute validates the idea for impact and scale

Cogknit gets its first office

Bright minds joined hands in
our Engineering and R&D teams


Brightest Engineering and R&D teams set-up

Development of the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) begins

MVP to Product


Corporate learning solution 1.0 ready for action

Introduced AI and ML


Bootstrapped for experimentation and innovation

Cogknit welcomes its
first client


Education-tech space gets a new innovative player

Maturity of the cognitive
computing framework


Development of Structured and Unstructured text/data extraction and analysis platform

MoU with Tata Power
Partnerships with Academia


Tata power

Development of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system for Indian Languages for Tata Power

Partnerships with IISc, IIT-B and IIIT-B and other reputed academic institutes.

ICOG, AI-based corporate
learning product is set to sell


Tata power

Sales journey begins for ICOG

Creations of Computer Vision System to enhance speech and language capabilities

Business partnerships with Skilldom Learning Solutions

Commercial launch of iCOG
in L&T Engineering


ICOG starts gaining customers

Commercial application of Computer Vision Systems with Media clients

Cogknit graduates from Target Accelerator
program and Accenture Innovation Hub

More Clients
More Partnerships


Language Translation Solution BLADe gets 1 Mn USD deal

ICOG rapidly approaching 1 Mn ARR milestone

Joined NVIDIA ecosystems as Inception Partners

Commercial launch of
BLADe; Revenue Doubles


BLADe ISR platform development begins

Cogknit doubles its revenue for the FY 2019- 20 with targets to triple its revenues for FY 2020-21

Series A investment

Cogknit sets up its first subsidiary in Montreal, Canada

MoU with BFL

Our academic partners

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Indian Institute of technology


Institute image

Indian Institute of technology


Institute image

International institute of info tech.


Institute image

Indian Institute of technology


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Indian Institute of Science


Our tech is powered
by our state of the art
AI agents

Our Speech, Vision & Text
agents provide robust & reliable
output while powering our line of

Speech Agent

An intelligent and robust speech system with multi language capability that uses End-to-End (E2E) and hybrid models to solve real world problems.

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Text Agent

A multilingual text intelligent agent that is capable of natural language understanding and linguistics.

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Vision Agent

A deep-learning powered computer vision system that can extract a variety of metadata from visual catalogs, and real-time videos as actionable insights

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Products powered by our
AI agents

AI powered Speech Processing
in Indian and Foreign Languages

Speech Processing in Indian English, Hindi
Kannada, Tamil and Over 11 Indian regional languages and border languages

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Personalized Intelligent Virtual
Learning Assistant

ICOG caters to all corporate learning scenarios - Self
paced learning, Virtual ILT, Digital Learning

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Nvidia logo

Cogknit is the proud ecosystem
partner of Nividia Corporation ®

Check out our work at

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Our partnership with Gartner is driving
our global growth

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Quote image A word from our pioneers

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The sweetest reward of overcoming a challenge is the ability to face a newer and bigger challenge! The constant pursuit of doing the unthinkable, the unachievable and pushing the boundaries of human-machine interaction further is what drives me and the team at Cogknit.

Anuroop Iyengar

Co-Founder & MD, Cogknit Semantics

Quote imageA word from our pioneers

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We envision Cogknit being a Global brand known for its impactful innovation, built on principles of trust and ethical practices across all business functions. That I believe is our way to drive value to our Customers, Shareholders, and our Employees.

Ullas Sathyanarayana

Co-founder & Director, Cogknit Semantics

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We make machines more humans and humans less machine. Blurring the boundaries of human-machine interaction, we enhance human productivity and make machines more efficient. Our endeavour is to provide enterprises with diverse consumers globally, with minimal increase in the cost of customer acquisition

Deepak Kumar

Co-founder & Director, Cogknit Semantics

Quote imageA word from our pioneers

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At Cogknit, technology merges with human cognition to deliver robust learning to upskill individuals. This enables, engages, and equips the employees with the necessary information and applicable knowledge towards enhanced performance. It is competence with intelligence that builds experience and drives creation and innovation. Our vision is to make learning available, seamless, accessible, and tangible.

Ebrahim Mookhtiar

Co-founder, Cogknit Semantics | CEO, ICOG